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Roger’s Mics store launched

10 January 2021

The terrible year 2020 is coming to an end and 2021 will begin in doubt. The world of arts and culture is at a standstill, but ideas still abound and the hope for a peaceful world remains.

My passion for the harmonica has long led me to take an interest in its amplification. This quest is that of the grall, the feeling of having achieved its goal is only a short-term illusion and the quest resumes. So dozens of microphones have passed through my hands.

After a lot of research, talking with harmonica players, other musicians and blues lovers, I started making my own microphones. First to test and then to play with something unique.

I hid cells in various boxes, flashlights, tea balls. Until one day I started turning my own wooden boxes.

The immediate enthusiasm of a professional friend convinced me to continue. And it was also to him that I sold my first microphone.

A few months later, and a few mics sold by word of mouth, it’s time to think a little bigger.

Hence the creation of the Roger’s Mics store.

This is only one step and the future will tell where we are going.

Today only harmonica microphones are offered, but already other instrumentalists are interested in the concept.